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Prior Lake Farmers Market

The Market will be Open July 4th


Exciting News....

We realize this is a challenging time. As a community staple we are committed to serving and supporting you. Please join our email list and facebook page for info about vendors that are delivering, available for pick up, and more. Just because we are distant...doesn't mean we are separate. We will continue to work hard to bring the market to you during this challenging time. We are excited to see you. Check out our facebook for the info about "How To" at the market during these new times.

always fresh.

Support Local Producers

At the Prior Lake Farmers Market we feel strongly about buying local. We started over 15 years ago supporting local business with this market. Our vision has always been to give patrons the highest quality selection of locally produced items available. We strive to support local/clean food and growing practices. 

We also feel very strongly about community and what that means. Whether that be neighbors meeting at the market for breakfast and a cup of coffee, or volunteering at farms of Prior Lake Farmers Market vendors, we understand that together we can make a difference. 

At each market you can expect to see: food trucks, live music, coffee baristas, growing classes, locally tapped maple syrup, hand crafted candies, fresh vegetables, natural bath and body products, and more!


How To at the Market

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Community Minded

The market is committed to bringing communities together. These events will remain flexible during these new times.

Throughout the season we will pair with local groups to offer you the most dynamic  spaces to meet up with your friends and neighbors.

Stay tuned to events and coming attractions:

-Green Energy Cars

-Community Blessing

-Children's Events

-Yoga at the Market

....and more

During these new times we have implemented a variety of new things to keep vendors and patrons safe & healthy. As always we are a community, so please be compassionate and understanding with vendors.... if you are uncertain about protocol the best thing to do is ask. Here are some things we ask...

-Please enter and exit at either end of the market.

-Hand Sanitizing available at the entrance, and at many vendors' tables. 

-All booths are placed 6ft apart. Please DO NOT enter the market between the booths.

-We ask that you shop the market in a clockwise fashion

-All food will must be taken TO GO

-If you bring your children, then must stay with you & we ask that they not touch items unless Ok'd by vendor.

-We will be monitoring numbers at the market, and should it get too busy we may ask you to wait for a moment. if you are looking to shop without many people around we invite you to come during our slower hours from 8:00-9:30a.