Last Day of the 2019 Season is Saturday Oct 19th


Exciting News....

The market has always been a community gathering space. Now more than ever we are excited to see the ways our vendors and sponsors are connected to the community.


Did you know? The food trucks get organic eggs and produce from our vendors at the market. 


The market is definately the place to eat Saturday Mornings. 

always fresh.

Support Local Producers

At the Prior Lake Farmers Market we feel strongly about buying local. We started over 15 years ago supporting local business with this market. Our vision has always been to give patrons the highest quality selection of locally produced items available. We strive to support local/clean food and growing practices. 

We also feel very strongly about community and what that means. Whether that be neighbors meeting at the market for breakfast and a cup of coffee, or volunteering at farms of Prior Lake Farmers Market vendors, we understand that together we can make a difference. 

At each market you can expect to see: food trucks, live music, coffee baristas, growing classes, locally tapped maple syrup, hand crafted candies, fresh vegetables, natural bath and body products, and more!


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

This year, after touring an organic Coffee Farm in Costa Rica, the coffee booth has a new found appreciation for coffee. Fair trade, organic coffee means more than just a trendy cup of Jo'. Check back to hear the story of coffee at the market this year. 

This year the Coffee Booth will have all of its same great offerings, but with more of a purpose. All of our drip grinds will be organic; and some will come from women owned organic coffee farms. All of our espresso beans will also be organic this year. In addition, beans will be as "local" as possible. Coffee is largely not grown in the US, but we are working with a local roaster that confirms the quality of the beans, practices clean/safe/quality work, and minimizes our footprint with shorter travel distances.

As always our milk, teas, honey etc will all continue to be organic and local when possible. 

take action.

Community Blessing

Join us June 22nd with a special opening day event. In an effort to support positivity and love in the community we invite you to join us. 9am opening day we will invite vendors, community members, spiritual leaders and more to join in the middle of the market to kick off the day and season in good energy. We feel that it is important in these trying times to spread light and love, and what better way to do it than with a community event that brings together people, cultures, and lives. We hope to see you there. Saturday June 22nd 10:30 am.